Getting it all done with Flavored Coffee and the Best Coffee Maker with a Giveaway!

April 22nd, 2014

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Mr. Coffee® and Millstone® coffee Giveaway! #coffeejourneys #cbias #shop

When it comes to my morning coffee, it has to be just right. Chances are the night before I was up late trying to get homework done, dealing with the kids who refuse to go to bed or trying to get some much needed relaxation time. This is where my Drip Coffee maker and Flavored coffee come into play.

Mr. Coffee® and Millstone® coffee Giveaway! #coffeejourneys #cbias #shop

When I was younger, I never really thought I would be coffee drinker. It wasn’t until I got into the bad habit of drinking energy drinks too often that I thought it might be healthier if I tried coffee for my morning boost. Since then my love of coffee has grown and with it my need for a better coffee and a better coffee maker.

When I began looking around for a coffee maker, I knew I needed something that would do a couple things. In the mornings I don’t always have time to wait for my coffee maker to finish. I fill my water up the night before and start it as I’m making breakfast for my kids. But sometimes I run late and don’t have time for the cycle to finish. Another need I have is that I don’t want to waste my coffee. It’s cheaper at home but not so much that I can keep throwing it out because it gets cold in between my cups.

Mr. Coffee® and Millstone® coffee Giveaway! #coffeejourneys #cbias #shop

The Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker does all this and more. If you pull the carafe away, the machine still brews without it spilling all over the bottom. The decanter is made from stainless steel so not only does it keep the coffee warm in between cups but since it is insulated, the carafe is cool to the touch so you never have to worry about those always reaching little hands. This coffee maker has been wonderful and I’m so happy I was able to get it because it’s been a great help with my #coffeejourneys.

Now picking a coffee was a little trickier. I’m really into flavored coffees. It helps enhance the flavor when I use it with a creamer. But I wanted something that was not only tasty but also something that was quality. After trying multiple brands, I’ve found that in the Millstone® coffee brand. Not only do they have many flavors to choose from, they also have unflavored coffee for people who prefer that.

Mr. Coffee® and Millstone® coffee Giveaway! #coffeejourneys #cbias #shop

So now it’s your turn to win a Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker and a Millstone® coffee Breakfast blend bag just for you!

You can win it!

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