An Oil Change for a healthy winter car!

February 5th, 2015

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A healthy car when you #DropShopandOil #cbias #ad

Winters are always rough. Especially being in Illinois,where the winters can be unbearable. They can be even worse on a car. Not only are we a one car family but we also live on a budget. So you may be able to see why it’s very important to keep our car in the best of shape, particularly when it’s cold. This includes making sure I’m always up to date on my oil change.

A healthy car when you #DropShopandOil #cbias #ad

With wanting to keep our car in tip top shape, I also like a deal. Oil changes need to happen frequently and I’ve found Walmart’s Auto Care Center to be not only cost effective but a great check up for my car when I need to #DropShopandOil. Oil changes aren’t the only service they offer which can be convenient for the busy parent when the car needs maintenance. This time around we went for the Performance platinum Pennzoil change. We figured since it had been a couple months and we’ve mostly stuck to other low quality places so with the mentality of a fresh start, we wanted to get the best of the best!

A healthy car when you #DropShopandOil #cbias #ad

The prices are not only affordable but down right amazing for what Pennzoil can help do for your car. Not only can you get a potential 550 more miles per year vs a dirty engine but this is a company that really stands behind its product with a warranty to protect you depending on the mileage of your car!

I really can’t say enough good things about our recent Pennzoil oil change. We’ve noticed our car driving much more smoothly which is a huge relief when trying to survive the Midwest winters. What are you doing to keep your car healthy this winter?

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