22 Weeks: Twins

January 17th, 2015

How big is baby: According to babycenter, a little less than a pound and about 11 inches. I think baby b, if he is still on track is probably a bit fatter then that based on his previous measurements.

Symptoms: Other than the normal sore crotch/pressure and achy breast that most everyone experiences, not really. Maybe a few braxton hicks here and there.

Movement: All the time. I love it and have been cherishing every single tap.

Cravings/Aversion: Nothing really right now.

Weight Gain:HA! I’ve gained nothing and in fact lost again this week. I’m currently down 21.5 lbs. I’m not trying to lose and informed my doctor that while this might seem crazy, I usually maintain at 30 pounds less than my prepregnancy weight but with all the crazy depression issues in the last two years, I’ve gained quite a bit. I’m just not hungry. A coffee in the morning usually fills me up until 12-2 and I’ll eat a giant lunch then because I’m obviously starving at that point. But then I’m lucky if more than a bowl of cereal sounds good at that point. Oh well. We’ll see where I’m at in two weeks when I go back.

Doctors Appointment: My appointment went well. A was at 147bpm and B was 141bpm being uncooperative as always. I’ve been really happy with how normal my blood pressures. I thought with twins we might have some issues since we seemed to with Emaree but as of yet, nothing.

Team/feeling: Boys, obviously.

How is this pregnancy similar: The groin pain is about the only thing that is working out to be much the same this time around. My doctor referred me to a physical therapy place but they seemed to be constantly booked so I don’t know if by the time I even get in, it’ll be worth it.

Kids Feelings: They’re excited. Emmie keeps asking random questions like “how do the babies eat food?” and “Did the babies get wet while you were in the shower?”. Her curiosity is cute and last night I caught her watching youtube videos of babies being born. I had to make her turn them off because I hadn’t prewatched to make sure they were okay for child viewing but maybe I’ll look some up this weekend that I can sit and watch with her so I’m able to answer her questions as she has them.

Pregnancy after stillbirth: This week has been slightly hard. 22 weeks was the week we discovered Lincoln was gone. Emotionally, on and off, I’ve been a mess about it. After this week, I’ll be moving to two week appointments so I think that is another difficult for me. I don’t need weekly appointments at this point really because I’m always feeling them but the scans were just that extra reassurance because being told that the movements I felt weren’t Lincoln sucked. The depression of it all has sucked, but I’ll write about that later.

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