7 top baby essentials with a giveaway!

November 24th, 2015

This post isn’t sponsored in anyway. I just really like the companies I talk about in it!

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How many baby essentials lists have you seen? Babies are expensive little creatures. Honestly, its a wonder people keep popping them out! But who am I to speak with five of my own. Common sense says clothes which I didn’t include because, clothes. And if you’re not into the cosleeping scene like us, a crib/craddle/playpen should also be added to your baby essentials list. Below you’ll find the things that I wouldn’t have been able to survive the first six months without. And stick around because my 7 Baby Essentials ends with a giveaway!

1. Cloth diapers– This might not be for everyone. It has the gross out factor for some but really thats easy to by past. Getting pregnant, with twins no less, wasn’t exactly in our “lets do this right now” budget. And man, diapers are freaking insane for being a poop catcher that I’m going to throw away. We tried cloth diapering a bit with Landon and Emmie but honestly, not having a washer and dryer ruined it for us. The laundry mat was expensive and I felt like I didn’t do a great job with hand washing. This time around we have a washer and dryer all our own so it was cloth pretty much from week one. We’ve bought a total of 2 small packages of diapers for Larkin when he had an excessive rash that needed noncloth safe rash cream. Personally, we prefer to rock our Applecheeks. They’re a fabulous fit for our skinny boy and our chunky monkey. They have contained everything except twice but I’m convinced not even disposable would hold on to those messes.

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2. A comfortable carrier– We are babywearers. Well, I am. Husband is a bit hesitant but he will wear. We don’t actually own a stroller so carts and wearing all pretty much it if we’re out. We have a moby, an infantino mei tai and most recently a standard canvas from Tula. The moby was amazing for my bitty babies. Snug against me and mostly hands free, it was great in their first month or two. When the boys were about 6 weeks, Larkin and I went to Oregon. I needed something that would allow me to wear a little faster so I bought a cheap mei tai. We had mei tai’s with Emmie and Landon, mainly Emmie. So it wasn’t a foreign concept and much like riding a bike in terms of never forgetting. When the kids were a little bigger, we also had an Ergo and that’s what I assumed I would buy again, but then I heard of Tula’s. We’ve had it about two weeks now and I can say it is well worth the investment. It’s comfortable, easy to adjust and the boys are so at ease in it, especially Easton.

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3. Car seat– This should be a no brainer. You need something to keep your babe safe when you’re driving around. Initially, we opted for the Chicco infant carries in the beginning but at tax time we will buy the boys their Diono car seats. Landon and Emmie used theirs from 1-6/7. They would have used them longer had we not switched to boosters. Since the Diono’s today seem to be a forever car seat with the model we’re looking at lasting 12 years from manufacture date, we won’t need to worry about buying boosters for the boys.

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4. Receiving Blankets– Blankets are great for everything. Flannel ones feel nice for a bit but shrink up and get fuzzy fast. Personally, I’m weird about textures so we bought the muslin receiving blankets. There are a few you can choose from but my favorite was the ones from swaddle design. They’re more cost effective if you’re on a budget. Plus these blankets are huge and stay true to size. They wash well and their texture doesn’t really change except I’ve noticed that ours are softer now. We bought a couple packages of them and they’ve been the best at keeping the boys cozy or even catching Larkin’s daily spit up show!

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5. Sleeper– The sleeper is heaven! These didn’t exist when the older two were young but when I saw it in the store, I knew we needed it and I have praised myself repeatedly for buying it. The subtle vibrations and a light rock with the foot it all it took to get the boys out in no time. Not to mention, since it was made for sleeping babies, I didn’t have to worry about airway issues like you need to with your little sleeping in their car seat(which you should avoid). This thing helped me get through many showers and gave me plenty of time to get things done. Now, Easton tries to roll over and eat the bears ears but that’s another story. (Larkin was taken out after the below picture was taken and is always monitored in the rocker)


6. Jumper– My mother actually bought this for us. It wasn’t something we could use right away. We didn’t put the boys into it until they were able to support their heads but they both love it. Easton will spend a good chunk of time in it without a fuss. He loves looking around and bopping the toys. Plus it gives the older two a way to play with them a bit without asking if they can hold them and such. Its a great resource and I love having it.


7. Baby Toys– You don’t need anything with noise or lights to entertain your baby. We have these firefly’s from Lamaze. Hook them onto the infant seat bar or hand them to your baby when they are able to grip and hold things. Either way they will love it. Theses are the boys favorite. The crinkle wings and the squeak toy inside the wing are they best. Plus the rings easily allow the boys to hold and “throw” the toy back and forth. You can’t go wrong really.

Giveaway time!

Below you’ll find the giveaway. This giveaway is self sponsored and runs until December 9th at 12am CST.

Winner may choose any size one or two bundle my local store has in stock. The same goes for the Mini Zip.

Winner has 48 hours to respond to the Winning email. If the winner doesn’t respond in that time, a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian Parents. Prize will ship from my home within 3 days of the winner choosing their prize. Once it is at the post office, it’s out of my hands. The item will include tracking.

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