Lincoln’s Birth Story Part Two

Lincoln’s Birth Story Part One

I was having some contractions but that were inconsistent and short. I received another dose of cytotec at 7 am. I was glad when it was time for shift change at that time as well because I wasn’t really a fan of our nurse.

The new nurse who came in, which for the life of me I can’t remember her name, was amazing. She was so understanding. She gave me information that no one else had given me. My intention the entire time was go without pain meds. I wanted this birth to be as real as if he was going to live. I wanted to remember every contraction. I know that may sound weird but this was my only real time that I would get with him past what we spent at the hospital.

She informed me that an epidural may be beneficial because the placenta knows it isn’t supposed to detach so early so it doesn’t always come out all the way and they have to get the rest out using the D&C process. She also let me know that I was free to walk the halls as I wanted.

I had contractions that were anywhere from 20-45 seconds long and happened every minute and a half to 4 minutes. The monitor had trouble picking them up so I pretty much just timed them on my phone.

After my 1pm dose my contractions picked up. They became longer and happened more frequently.


By 5 o’clock I needed something to help with the contractions. They were hard contractions. I asked for some IV meds because I really wanted to avoid the epidural. I was terrified that it would end up like last time where my doctor was completely incompetent at his job. I felt loopy instantly. They didn’t take the edge off but it did help me sleep for about a half hour to forty five minutes.

When I woke up it was worse. I called the nurse and told her I was done. I needed an epidural in a bad way. She started my bolus, called the anesthesiologist and started getting things ready. I was crying through the contractions by this point. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to sit through getting my back poked multiple times.

Normally they have husbands step out but Chris was allowed to stay with my and I’m more than glad for that. Without him there was no way I would have pushed through it.

About half way through the epidural I started thinking about how much I was going through and I didn’t even get to take our baby home. It killed me to think how sore I would be after and have no baby with us to show for all that hard work. I wouldn’t get to cuddle my monster when he was hungry. I would get to see his gorgeous smile or hold his little hand.

After the epidural was in, the pain of the contractions started to fade. At first they were still a struggle to keep calm though but the beginning and endings weren’t so bad. I told the nurse, as I was getting back on to the bed completely that I thought I pissed myself. She checked me because it was around 7pm and time to get my sixth dose.

My water had broken and as everything came down after it broke it formed a small bag that was bulging. She called my doctor and told me he was on his way. When he came in, her took one look at me and said he was going to change.

Once he was back, we wanted to check me to see how I was doing. When he opened my legs, Lincoln came out with a gush.

My handsome little man was born at 7:26 pm on October 24th.

Lincoln’s Birth Story Part 1

When my doctor came to talk to me about Lincoln passing, he gave me the option to come back in a day or two. But I wanted to start the process as soon as possible. We had options on what we wanted to do. We could induce labor or we could go in surgically but it would be another scar on my uterus, which would add even more danger to possible future vaginal deliveries as well was be a recovery from surgery.

By 8:50 am on Wednesday October 23rd, I was walking to a hospital room. Chris had left to take the kids home and grab stuff for us while we stayed and waited for our baby. My doctor and the nurses explained to me that with labors like this one, you generally feel nothing or very little and then all of a sudden it gets really intense and your child is born.

While Chris was gone they took my vitals, placed and IV and took 16 vials of blood to test everything. I didn’t want to place the pill until he got back because I wasn’t sure how long it would take and neither was the doctor. He said it could take 6 hours, 18 or even more.

I was induced using cytotec. 100 mg pill every six hours under my cervix. Luckily my cervix was low. It was shut tight but low. And for those first 6 hours, I felt nothing. Not a contraction or even a twinge of anything. It was a waiting game and it sucked. Sitting there for all the time that we did and knowing our child couldn’t possibly come home with us was heartbreaking.

The second dose came and went much of the same way. Luckily now I was able to eat as well. I was originally told I couldn’t eat or drink(besides water) but my doctor said he was confident that this would end as a vaginal delivery so I was allowed a normal diet. By the time I got food it had been over 9 hours since I had last eaten. I couldn’t even finish the bread bowl though. But that was okay.

Sleep evaded me. I was tired. Worn out really from the one and off crying all day. Chris’s mom came to visit us and chatted for a bit. Sleep finally found me about 20 minutes after she got there. Unfortunately, I was woken at 1 am to place another dose. I went back to sleep for a couple hours and was up again at 4 am. I walked around the room a little. My butt was sore from sitting so much.

I sat in a chair across from my bed. Of course it had to be that time, while I was awake that a laboring mother came into the room next to ours and I got to hear her babies heartbeat. Hearing the whoosh whoosh whoosh was hard. It was worse than hard. I broke down again. I couldn’t make myself go back to my bed though and just turn the TV on to drown out the noise. I had to sit there and listen. Eventually after picking up the heartbeat, they turned to sound down. I moved back to my bed and watched some shows on the kindle. It kept me occupied until Chris woke up with me at 6:30.