Bed Shopping

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I’ve been wondering lately if we should save up to get a new bed. I mean we’ve had our for years! Chris had it before we got together so that right there is at least five years. Yea, now that I think about it, if I’m wondering then it’s probably time. I mean I know that our mattress sometimes kills my back when I wake up. We really need a bed set, mattress and box spring if we decide not to go with a platform bed!

It can be hard to get out and go shopping. Especially when I have very young kids and no car whenever my husband is at work. So once I started thinking about it, I started looking around online. That way I could get price ideas, reviews and things like that. I mean of course I would want to try a bed out in a store first but in my experience, I can usually buy online for cheaper.

I found a UK based site called Bedstar. Even though I’m not in the country, I was curious about prices comparably. I like to see how much stuff can be different places. I found a bed that would called a super king which is in between a queen and a king in America for $350! That is a pretty great price compared to some places near myself!. And of course if you’re in the UK then buying online with BedStar Shop may just be for you! I know if I lived there I would love to buy one of those, if it fit our comfort needs of course.

This post was sponsored and is written in association with Bedstar. However all opinions are true and my own!

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