Guess who’s back, back again.

Its been… a while. About 9 months since I’ve written anything more than an instagram post or a date in my calendar book. I wasn’t sure I would have get the writing bug again. It’s like life fell off after losing Lincoln and I just couldn’t be bothered with it anymore. My pregnancy with the twins had me in constant fear that I would be coming home from the hospital yet again with empty arms.

And then they were here. And perfect. Life became an adjusting game. Adjusting to having two kids in school. Having two babies going through most of the same stages or at least one after another. And I gave up on blogging. I just stopped. I could motivate myself to get it done and I’m 100% the depression of what our life situation was at the time influenced that. But because I wasn’t taking better care, I lost everything of my previous site. I thought I was backing it up and doing it right and I was in fact not.

So this is a clean slate I suppose. A way to start again while finally feeling content in my life once more.

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