My Hero

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Do you remember growing up and wanting to be just like that one person you looked up to? I do. I remember when she cut her hair short, so did I. When she got her belly button pierced at 16, I wanted mine done when I was 16! The person I looked up to more than anyone was my sister, Tara.

She is six years older than me but we’ve always been close. She always made me feel important. She used to hang out with her friends at the school and even though my mom would make her take me, she was always great about it. She wasn’t mean like I know some siblings are. She didn’t ignore me either.

When we moved to Arizona, she stayed behind with her dad. I was so sad. I mean the sister I was closest to wasn’t in my daily life anymore. Although we did talk on the phone ALL the time. I remember one Christmas all I wanted was to come back to Illinois to see her. I missed her so much. I seriously remember crying in my room because I wanted it so bad.

That Christmas I got this perfume from her. It was in a clear plastic cylinder container. There was also a piece of paper that wrapped half way around it inside. It was a plane ticket to come see her. I was so excited. I got the only thing I wanted that year from her. I remember when treats were allowed in school. My mom was bringing some in later in the day for my eleventh birthday. My sister walked through the door. I can’t remember if I cried or not but I’m sure I wanted to.

She has always been there for me. When I got pregnant at 17, besides Chris and the friend I was with when I took the test, she was the first person I told. I walked up to her door step and said I was pregnant. She hugged me and said that she supported me no matter what.

She is the strongest person I know. She has four beautiful kids. Two of them have/had cancer. She is still currently going through treatment with my nephew. She is an amazing mother, sister and best friend. I don’t know how I would have become the person that I am without her. She has always encouraged me to be better and do better. Besides my husband, she is the most supportive person in my life and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my sister and my hero.

Did you have a childhood hero? Does that person still hold the title today?

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6 Responses to “My Hero”

  1. Alicia says:

    Oh wow! It sounds like you have an amazing sister! I fell as though I am missing out, as I am an only child:( I hope my son’s feel the same way about each other as you do about your sister!

  2. Nichol says:

    Wow she sounds amazing. I wish I could say I had that one hero but I didn’t. My husband is now my best friend, my hero. He has been there for me through everything since I was 15.

  3. Tara @MHA says:

    Wow! What a rocking sister. And the fact you call her your hero is amazing. Not to mention, I love her name 😉

  4. Hanan says:

    What a beautiful story! You are so very lucky to have someone in your life like your sister!!

  5. Wow she sounds like an amazing person I can see why she is your hero.

  6. It sounds like you two have a fantastic relationship. What a great sister!

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