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I can’t be the only one!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

{Review} Last Night I had a Laughmare

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

What they say

Judy Laufer’s delightful new picture book, Last Night I Had a Laughmare!, takes sleepyheads of all ages to a magical world of bedtime adventure where nothing is EVER quite what it seems! Star-hung swings? Purple hair? Shoelaces made of spaghetti? These are just a few of the surprises in store for visitors to Gigglyville…and the town’s silly residents love to have company. Bring your own chair and join Liverlips, Smellyfeet, Purplepudding and Dishes on an exciting romp through a place where special wishes are granted, snowballs are made of ice cream, and readers will be laughing ‘til morning.

What I say

Let me just say, as an avid reader, I find it VERY important to read to your kids. Sometimes it’s not always easy to find books that can capture and keep young kids attention. That isn’t a problem with Last Night I had a Laughmare by J.E.Laufer. Landon and Emaree loved the book. They thought it was such a silly book. Landon loved the rhyming. Although I will say this mama got tongue tied a couple times while reading. Emmie couldn’t take her eyes off the book. She kept pointing out things and asking questions. She loved all the activity on the pages as well as the colors. The characters were a lot of fun to. Emmie is fascinated with my pink hair so she loved that the book characters shared my weird hair color choices.

The book retails for $16.95($18.95 CAN) and I think it’s really worth it. The kids can’t get enough of Gigglyville and have asked me to read it every night since we received it!

{Pinteresting} Hardy-Har-Har

Friday, October 19th, 2012

This is published post 300! I can’t believe I’ve published that many. I honestly never thought I would get here. With that being the case, I thought I would post somethings that I found on pinterest and were hilarious to me!

{May contain swearing}

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Do you have some favorite funny pins on pinterest?

How’d you find my blog again?

Friday, January 20th, 2012

I know many people have done these. If you aren’t familiar, you can see how people come to your blog from search engines with most stat keeping sites. Normally mine are pretty mild. Like Baby birthing mama or Anti Eyebrow piercing(I get this a lot!) But these are some of the more odd ones or ones I’m wondering what post they came in on.

-baby birthing out of vagina
-moms whore
-pop tarts school bus
-three year old her diaper jumping
-designer dresses for a fatty girl(This makes me sad)
-my pretty pony cookies
-big obese mamma
-regret baby number three(sad again)

This one though takes the cake on gross as hell and what the fuck.

-i have a alot of health problems from sticking a hexbug toy up my ass

Do you have a blog? What have your weirdest searches been?

Kids say the craziest things in public

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Crazy Kid

I’ve always heard about those moments in the store when your child says something that makes everyone else around you either laugh or stare at you in horror. Well we were recently lucky enough for one of my monsters to do just that.

We were in Walmart shopping. we had gone to look for tires and get a few things to last us for the week. Since Chris was going to talk to the tire people. As such, I had to use one cart. The ones in Walmart don’t have the double seating so when that is the case Landon sits in the back. It isn’t something I like doing but I keep a really good eye on him and make sure he is sitting at all times. Well except when he tries to stand and I grab his arm to sit him back down.

That day the monster had to tried to get up mulitiple times to grab this or that. He also has to stand to point to things for some reason. We were almost done and near the frozen section. I don’t know whether he was trying to point to an Angry Birds display or if he was trying to grab the frozen section door again but Chris grabbed his arm and sat him back on his butt. That wasn’t before Landon said “You’re breaking my arm!!!”

I immediately started laughing my ass off. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it. Of course once I did so did Landon. I think he was just pissed that he was being made to sit again for the millionth time that day and didn’t want to be made to sit again. But although we were laughing there were a couple bystanders who didn’t think it was so funny. I mean I know that if I heard something like that come out of a kids mouth I would go check and see if the situation looked alright. But even once we were laughing this one lady gave Chris the dirtiest look you can imagine. I mean the kid was freaking laughing. If Chris really hurt him or broke his arm he wouldn’t have been cracking up.

I know that I’m not the only parent to have experienced something like this. I clearly remember my brother screaming at my mom in the store once “You’re KILLING ME!!!” As I do think it’s a little funny, I also hope to teach little man not to say untrue things. But right now he is three and crazy! What are you gonna do?!

Have your kids ever said anything like that in public? Have you ever gotten stares from it?