{Tutorial} Cookie Cutter Pancakes

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Yesterday morning, I decided to make real breakfast. Real breakfast means anything I need to cook on the stove. I had made pumpkin puree over the weekend and wanted to use it. So anyway, I decide to make real food. I wanted to make the monsters some pumpkin pancakes.

I was just going to add pumpkin to the pancakes but thought it was also be fun to make pumpkin shaped, pumpkin pancakes. I had bought a pumpkin cookie cutter a week or so earlier so I could make mini pumpkin pies. I thought this would be the perfect time to use it.

My first attempt was a gigantic fail. I tried to pull the the cookie cutter off and my pancake when into three pieces. The second attempt took the stump off the pumpkin. But third time was a charm!

The secret so they don’t stick and fall apart is butter. You have to butter inside and outside on the metal. Once I figured it out, all my pancakes came out perfect with a little jiggling.

It was also a mater if waiting for the pancake to bubble like the above picture. For a while I didn’t know that that was how you had to do it. My pancakes came out broken and undercooked a lot.

The final result: Kids loved them. They thought that the shapes were fun and loved how they tasted. It was a big win.

I will say its a tad time consuming but since the kids had fun with it, totally worth it. I can’t wait to make them again. Maybe I’ll need to get a Christmas tree on for the upcoming holidays!

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  1. Annie Shultz says:

    those look sooo good! thanks for the buttering tip! I hadn’t thought of that :)

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